Footgolf livescore software for clubs and tournaments

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Tournament manager

For the organizers

Livescore app

For the players

Public leaderboard

For the fans

Tournament manager

  • Create tournaments

    • Add rounds
    • Select a course for each round
    • Easy flight generation
    • Drag and drop flight management
    • Generate pdf with flight information
  • Create and manage your own playerbase
  • Share leaderboard link

Livescore app

  • Login with your flight code

    • Manage the scores for your flight
    • View hole information
    • View local rules
  • View leaderboard inside the app
  • Flight scorecard
  • Sponsor slots (* pro account)

Public leaderboard

  • Realtime leaderboard

    • For mobile and computer
    • Connected with the fans
    • Select favorites to highlight specific players
  • Easy to read with highlighted scores
  • A link to view all the tournaments
  • Sponsor slots (* pro account)

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